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1% Campaign

"The every day terrorism faced by women and girls is an invisible war being waged using weapons of sexual and domestic violence. The imbalance of spending and attention between the wars of combat and the war against women and children is astounding."
-Eve Ensler, Founder/Artistic Director V-Day

"The effort to stop violence against girls and women has to start in our homes, offices, schools and churches in cities all across this nation and around the world. Political and business leaders need to join us in this effort or we need to know the reason why. NOW's grass-roots leaders will be working with our community coalition partners to line up support for the 1% campaign to end violence because girls and women's lives will never be secure and their opportunities will always be limited unless the tyranny of sexual and domestic violence stops."
- Kim Gandy, NOW President

The 1% Campaign To Bring About A World Without Violence

An invisible war is being waged against women and girls. The tactics in this war? Rape. Incest. Sexual abuse. Sex Trafficking. Domestic violence. At least one in three American women will be attacked in this war (UNFPA, 2000).

There is an outrageous imbalance between the spending and attention given to military defense to ‘protect’ us while at the same time thousands of women are being attacked, often inside their own homes. If 1% of our nation's defense budget, - approximately 4 billion dollars, - was allocated toward the safety and security of women and girls, women might actually be safe in schools, on the streets and in their bedrooms. What bigger priority do we have than to end the domestic terrorism that plagues American girls and women. The effects of this violence - and its ongoing threat - impact women everyday of their lives. Our leaders will only put violence prevention at the top of the national “to do” list if we demand it.

In 2001 V-Day and the National Organization for Women initiated the The 1% Campaign, inviting individuals, communities and organizations to join V-Day in demanding that 1% of the U.S. defense budget be directed toward the safety and security of women and girls, in addition to the vital funds we need to maintain the shelters, rape crisis centers and hotlines that help women and girls survive each day.