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Read Highlights from Participants

Jacob Knobel, V-Day UC Irvine Organizer

As a male who grew up in a safe, loving, wonderful family, in a sheltered private high school in LA, I was a stranger to a large majority of the problems that face women in this world...Read more >

Crystal R. Callahan, V10 Superlove Sister from San Diego

I had ambitious aspirations of driving through the 9th
Ward and doing millions of other missionary things
while there. Afterall, their infrastructure is still
so eroded. Indoor plumbing systems worse than outhouse
conditions.... Read more >

Bethany, V-Day Activist

For the past five years, I have been a RADICAL feminist! At my college, I performed in The Vagina Monologues for 4 years and directed it for three. I
graduated college (sadly enough) and now I am a counselor and community educator at a domestic violence center in Berks County, PA. I went to SUPERLOVE, there is nowhere else I wanted to be, and still nowhere else I wait to be. I must say, I am very said being away from the energy in the city, and being away from all of the Vagina friendly people. Women (and men a like) that participated in V TO THE TENTH events were not scared to go outside of the Dome and yell "VAGINA"! That is how ALL OF THE WORLD SHOULD BE!! Read more >

Deborah Garrett, V-Day Activist

I was there in the room...New Orleans Style!
I was there when the completely self-less woman began to cry because she was in awe of the fact that volunteers had traveled hundreds of miles through airline shutdowns, etc to be there to support the cause. It is a cause that effects us all. We should have no choice but to support it...Read More >


As awkward as this statement may sound coming from a poet I still have to convey that there are no words to express how thankful I am to have been apart of such an extrodinary event. I've always been a fan of yours and appreciative of your work but now I may have to become a full-fledged groupie. This movement is one of the most important efforts that I've ever been involved in by association and principle, dialogue and devotion. I am truly honored to have met you and truly grateful that you allowed me to add my voice to this mission. I am proud to be a V-man (I'll be wearing my red) and proud to join the fight to change the story of women.

Rachel Goldstein, UrbanZen

Urban Zen Foundation hosted a Well-Being Lounge at Eve Ensler’s VDAY/SuperLove celebration of VTOTHETENTH. Over 30,000 women came to the Superdome - it was their first time back since they were housed there in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. First when I arrived, it was truly a profound experience to be in the building that was so seriously part of the recent history of our country... Read more and view photos>

Jodie Evans, CODEPINK

Thank you for the container you created, thank you for the vision you hold so powerfully and lightly, thank you for so generously including CODEPINK in your vision. I felt so privileged to be on your stage and share the story of the women of CP. The women and vagina friendly men of CP who came were so moved, so affected and have returned to their homes to expand your vision to their communities. Planting the CODEPINK ‘V’ garden in the 9th ward, birthed seeds of love and peace inside of us to take home and grow. (Super Love will be part of our alert this week). View Photos on CODEPINK site >

Hibaaq Osman, V-Day Special Representative to the Middle East

The revolution we are working for will not be a revolution without people in different places trusting in an idea. An idea that moves you intellectually and emotionally and politically; an idea that is so passionately held that sometimes sadness, anger and doubt, together with a bit of happiness, excitement and hope, are all mixed together so that you feel them at the same time.... Read More >

Elizabeth Lesser

Being in the Superdome for V to the 10th felt like we were all sitting on the very top of a wedding cake. We--each and every one of the 30,000 of us--were the bride and the groom perched on the top of all the layers of humanity. We were marrying within ourselves all the opposites of the world. We were black and white, North and South, East and West, pain and joy, anger and love, woman and man, girl and boy, abuser and victim, the empowered and powerless. We were being called and taught and challenged to take the whole mess of being human and turn it into an elixir of healing for our hurting world. A love potion. A passionate, wise remedy. My prayer is that we can take the energy of the weekend and bring it into the smallest and the biggest of our every day actions.

Melanie Lawhead, V TO THE TENTH Volunteer

"I am so grateful to have been in NOLA to wrap my arms around the
city and let them know they are not forgotten. The best part of my
experience was just being present, letting the women know I was
there to hear their stories, and just listening. It was a gift they
had been waiting to unwrap for over two years and I'm so glad I got
to be the giver."

Jill Rounds, V TO THE TENTH Volunteer

"All I kept hearing all weekend from the women of NOLA was how
grateful they were that we had travelled to be with them. When they
asked me where I was from and I told them Rhode Island, they
couldn't believe that I had travelled all that distance, paying my
own way to be there, just to show them how much I care. It's the
best part of the event for me, and something I'll remember for the
rest of my life."

Nancy Rafi, V TO THE TENTH Volunteer

"Wow. I knew this would be a life-changing event, but I really had
no idea how big it would be. While the speakers and events were
totally amazing, it's the women of New Orleans that I'll always
remember. They've taught me what true courage is. I've never know
a group of women who were so galvanized by an event, and I'm really
grateful that I got to be a part of the Providence Pussy Posse!"

Isatou Touray

This is to tell you that I have arrived safely back home to Africa. I wish to take this opportunity to thank the Global Relief Resources for inviting GAMCOTRAP and myself to participate in the Global Energy to end Violence against women. I appreciate the vagina monologue, The Katrina Monologue in New Orleans which is the vagina of America. The Democratic Republic of Congo march and others. It gives me more courage and appreciation of the global energy and I belief in the power of coming together to fight injustices and bring out the agency of those who may never have had attention without the Vagina Monologue. I want to thank EVE Endsler and all the activists who had the opportunity to attend this powerful event. Moreso to AZLAN who is bringing in the water resources to New Orleans and to the African communities through the FGM project as an alternative to cutting the vaginas of young and innocent girls. This is indeed a creative insight to the efforts as water is a life giving resource. To all the friends I met during my stay in New Orleans. I have returned home with renewed committment and love for the work and look forward to our future collaborations in achieving what we have all set in terms of the feminist principles of equality. Viva La Vagina and succeess to all the vaginas of the world.

Anne-Liese Juge Fox

That line in the play: "After the Storm I am Not the Same."..well here it is again..."AFTER V-DAY I am NOT the Same." It was truly a TRANSFORMING experience.

I AM IN LOVE with V-day. No doubt. I think about it all the time, I get tingling sensations when I think about it...and feel so giddy. As a woman who has ALWAYS been surrounded by brothers, boy neighbors, boy cousins, sons and even male was incredible to be surrounded by so many women!...receive so many genuine HUGS...and loving SMILES. Gratitude was expressed all over the place, and it made incredible connections and moved mountains!

And...just so you KNOW...since I AM in LOVE with V-day...and the sight of all those women standing up in the Arena upon your invitation...just TOUCHED and MOVED me so deeply...I felt that URGENCY to make CHANGE even more than I had felt it I"M ON to V-Day. And hope to be of service in any way I can down the line.

Anne-Liese Juge Fox

Jen Sachs, V-Day V10/Katrina Warriors Festival Coordinator & SUPERLOVE COUNCIL

The SUPERLOVE rocked, amazed, healed, inspired, gave thanks, networked, informed, hugged, kissed, ended violence, brought joy, told stories, sang, danced, performed, sold hand made goods by women, brought old friends together, crafted innumerable new friendships, forged new business opportunities, brought women home, raised money, increased awareness, refocused the media on New Orleans, reunited families, ignited stronger passion and focus on the environment, plugged in the men, powered the movement, and praised the women!!

Jen Sachs, V-Day V10/Katrina Warriors Festival Coordinator & SUPERLOVE COUNCIL