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Bethany, V-Day Activist

Bethany, V-Day ActivistFor the past five years, I have been a RADICAL feminist! At my college, I performed in The Vagina Monologues for 4 years and directed it for three. I
graduated college (sadly enough) and now I am a counselor and community educator at a domestic violence center in Berks County, PA. I went to SUPERLOVE, there is nowhere else I wanted to be, and still nowhere else I wait to be. I must say, I am very said being away from the energy in the city, and being away from all of the Vagina friendly people. Women (and men a like) that participated in V TO THE TENTH events were not scared to go outside of the Dome and yell "VAGINA"! That is how ALL OF THE WORLD SHOULD BE!!

Everything was perfect. The stage with the beautiful V and fabric, the red tent, the sanctuary for the Katrina Warriors, the activism lounge. Everything! Everything was amazing. And it could not have been in a better place. So, basically, I want to thank you all so very very very much for the hard work. I thought to myself the whole time. Eve was one woman who envisions a world without violence and the movement has spread so far across the world. So many women and girls are impacted by the movement. When I first entered the dome, I couldn’t help but think of all the women and girls who are living violence-free because of our movement. And I don’t know why, but I cried. I cried a lot, just out of shear happiness. But anyways, before I ramble on too much. Thanks:)
Bethany ({})
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