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Katrina Warriors Network

V-Day has begun working together with service providers, first-responders, artists, educators, activists and local V-Day organizers in New Orleans and helped convene these activists and grassroots groups under the umbrella “Katrina Warriors Network.”

This network of community activists is dedicated to helping women and girls living in New Orleans and the Gulf South or returning there to rebuild their lives. The Katrina Warriors Network is working collaboratively with V-Day to unite, activate, involve, and transform the women of the New Orleans and Gulf South community, forming a structure that will last through the rebuilding and beyond.

Beginning March 8, International Women's Day, the Katrina Warriors Network will be creating local events in the New Orleans and Gulf South area for the five weeks leading up to V-Day’s 10 year anniversary celebration, V TO THE TENTH.

These events, along with the over 3,000 other V-Day events taking place throughout the world will shine a spotlight The Women of New Orleans and the Gulf South.

If you would like to get involved with the Katrina Warriors Network, please contact us.

For the events schedule and more information about the Katrina Warriors Network, visit