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SUPERLOVE: Medical/Healing Lounge

Healing Circles

Our goal is to provide local women from across the Gulf Region mental health support free of charge. Because affordable mental health is often out of the reach of many, our intention is to bring women through a traditional support group experience so that they might feel inclined to replicate the model in their own homes and neighborhoods. The goal of these circles is threefold:

  1. providing a moment of temporary relief
  2. providing an opportunity for women to find community and support through voicing their struggles and anxieties, and
  3. providing stress management strategies

Each healing circle will be lead by one mental health practitioner and will serve up to 10 women at a time for a one hour period.

Practitioners from outside NOLA and local volunteers are coming to provide these services.

Medical Testing, Information and Referrals

Local medical health practitioners, as well as medical volunteers from outside the area, will also be providing medical testing, information and referrals, including:

  • HIV swab testing
  • Diabetes testing
  • Cholesterol testing
  • Blood pressure gauging
  • EKGs

Information on:

  • Diabetes
  • pre-natal health
  • birthing
  • cancer
  • family planning
  • heart health
  • fitness and nutrition
  • lead poisoning
  • sexual assault services
  • A medical referral directory will also be made available
  • Information on how to apply for WIC and Medicaid, formularies, open hospitals (and the specific services that are available there)
  • A team will also be available to field questions regarding local health clinics

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