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Get Out the Vote Ideas

We wanted to share a few more ideas with you of how to get out the Vagina Vote on Election Day. Make November 2 your most memorable election ever.

  • Coordinate carpools for your local senior citizens home, your neighborhood, or your church community to assist elderly and disabled voters. Discuss the V Is For Vote campaign during the car ride.
  • Invite your entire apartment building to vote together as a V-Posse. Provide breakfast and all walk over to the polls before work.
  • Turn voting into an educational, social, and community building outing for college classes and dorms. Meet your fieldtrip and activity quotas! Talk to students about how they can contribute to ending violence against women.
  • Offer to assist elderly or vision impaired friends at the polls. Talk to them about the vote to end violence against women and girls.
  • Re-direct your morning run to the local polling place. Turn your am exercise group in to a V-Posse.
  • Bring your young daughters and sons to the polling place. Teach them early about the importance of voting.
  • Offer childcare to mothers with very young children so that they can go vote. Encourage other women to vote to end violence!
  • Monitor poling places to guard against voter intimidation. Wear your “Value Your Vagina—Vote!” t-shirt.
  • Throw a house party in the evening and watch Election Day coverage with your V-Posse.
  • Send an email reminder to friends to go out and vote. Provide a link to
  • Document the election by writing an article about your experience at the polls for your school or community newspaper. Include information about voting to end violence against women and provide a link to
  • Wear your “Value Your Vagina—Vote!” shirt to work or school. Explain the vagina vote to everyone you meet.
  • Design an original Election Day shirt to outfit your V-Posse when you go to the polls. Don’t just copy the V Is For Vote design—get creative!
  • Educate yourself by reading about U.S. political history, especially vagina friendly topics such as the movement for women’s suffrage.
  • Make pink and white signs and stand on the street to help direct people to their polling places. Decorate the signs with your V Is For Vote buttons.
  • Call your female friends and relatives to remind them to vote to end violence. Call male Vagina Warriors too!
  • Take a team fieldtrip to the polling place—soccer players, dance squads, and chess wiz kids over 18 can vote and bond together. Discuss ways to prevent and report violence against women.
  • Challenge your coworkers over who can form the biggest V-Posse. Winner gets the afternoon off!
  • Gather your V-Posse to watch Election Day coverage at a local restaurant or bar. Talk politics and spread the word about V Is For Vote with the other patrons.
  • Make an Election Day resolution to write your local representatives every few months, encouraging them to support initiatives and assign funds to programs for ending violence against women!
  • Write to and let us know what your V-Posse has planned for Election Day!