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We believe that as women living in the United States it is our responsibility to make our voices heard. We will rise, mobilize, and organize to create true democracy. A democracy that is chosen by us, that represents us, and that respects our demands. We demand a new future, a new world, a new paradigm – WITHOUT VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN AND GIRLS.

  1. We demand the freedom to choose what does and does not enter our vaginas.
  2. We demand the freedom to embrace our sexuality free from judgment.
  3. We demand the right to safely walk down the street in the day or at night.
  4. We demand a legal system where “She was asking for it” doesn’t hold water.
  5. We demand that the voices of ALL women are heard.
  6. We demand the right to live in a country where violence is not committed in our name.
  7. We demand an end to illegal occupations and wars in other countries.
  8. We demand a government that chooses to protect human rights for its people and the people of the world.
  9. We demand a government that values the truth and tells it.