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For his courage in healing women in the middle of Congo's decade's long war, Dr. Denis Mukwege, Director and Founder of the ground-breaking Panzi General Referral Hospital in Bukavu, Democratic Republic of the Congo, was honored at V TO THE TENTH with an award in his name--the inaugural Denis Mukwege Award. The war has left 5.4 million Congolese dead and 200,000 women raped. Watch the Video >>


The Congo Wars: Conflict, Myth and Reality
Thomas Turner

All Things Must Fight to Live: Stories of War and Deliverance in Congo
Bryan Mealer

King Leopold's Ghost: A Story of Greed, Terror, and Heroism in Colonial Africa
Adam Hochschild

In the Footsteps of Mr. Kurtz: Living on the Brink of Disaster in Mobutu's Congo
Michela Wrong

The Congo: From Leopold to Kabila, A People's History
George Nzongola-Ntalaja

Articles, Interviews and Reports:

Turning Pain to Power: Eve Ensler and Dr. Denis Mukwege,
February 18, 2009

Turning Pain To Power Tour: Eve Ensler on Democracy Now!
February 9, 2009

Massacre Unfurls in Congo, Despite Nearby Support
Published: December 11, 2008
The New York Times

Rwanda Stirs Deadly Brew of Troubles in Congo
Published: December 4, 2008
The New York Times

The Spoils: Congo’s Riches, Looted by Renegade Troops
Published: November 15, 2008
The New York Times

Rape Victims’ Words Help Jolt Congo Into Change
Published: October 17, 2008
The New York Times

DR Congo: Peace Accord Fails to End Killing of Civilians Human Rights Watch
Brussels, July 21, 2008

Kabila forces blamed for killings
BBC, 25 October 2007

DRC:Hospital's Tale Reveals Missing Children, Brutalised Women
Anuradha Kher, 24 October 2007

Stephen Lewis Interview on WHYY Radio on The War On Women in East Congo

"They Are Destroying the Female Species in Congo": Congolese Human Rights Activist Christine Schuler Deschryver on Sexual Terrorism and Africa's Forgotten War

Interview with Amy Goodman on Democracy Now! (streaming audio)

Rape Epidemic Raises Trauma of Congo War

Jeffrey Gettleman
The New York Times

A Conversation with Eve Ensler and Christine Schuler Deschryver: Ending Femicide in the Congo

PBS Podcast

Stephen Lewis* calls for a new UN initiative to end sexual violence in the eastern region of the DRC

Press conference statement Nairobi, Kenya:
13 September 2007

Women Left for Dead -- and the Man Who's Saving Them

Eve Ensler
Glamour Magazine

Shock at sex crimes in DR Congo

BBC NEWS, July 30, 2007

Women in Blue Berets: U.N. mission addresses Congo violence—and gender equity

Femke Van Zeijl
Ms. Magazine, 2007

Not Women Anymore…’: the Congo’s rape survivors face pain, shame and AIDS

Stephanie Nolen
Ms. Magazine, 2005

Hundreds of thousands raped in Congo wars

Chris McGreal
The Guardian Unlimited, November ,14 2006

Sexual Violence against men and boys

Wynne Russell
Forced Migration Review 27, 2007

Sexual Violence in South Kivu, Congo

Claudia Rodriguez
Forced Migration Review 27, 2007

Democratic Republic of the Congo: Mass Rape: Time for Remedies

Amnesty International (2004)

The War within the War: Sexual Violence against Women and Girls in Eastern Congo

Human Rights Watch, 2002

Women's Bodies As Battleground : Sexual Violence Against Women and Girls During the War in the DRC
Réseau des Femmes pour un Développement Associatif (RFDA), Réseau des Femmes pour la Défense des Droits et la Paix (RFDP) and International Alert

Beyond Victimhood: Women’s Peacebuilding in Sudan, Congo, and Uganda
International Crisis Group
June 2006

‘I have no joy, no peace of mind’: Medical, Psychosocial and Economic Consequences of Sexual Violence in Eastern DRC,
Médecins Sans Frontières-Holland

March 2004

Radio journalist gunned down in DRC

The Politics of Naming: Genocide, Civil War, Insurgency

Mahmood Mamdani
London Review of Books
March 8, 2007

More Vicious Than Rape

Rod Nordland
June 1, 2007

The Killing Fields
Jimmie Briggs
July/August 2007

Mahmod Mamdani on Democracy Now


King Leopold's Ghosts


Women In War Zones


Shitowa Foundation

Georges Malaika Foundation

Human Rights Watch

Refugees International



Stop Rape Now

Heal Africa

Panzi Hospital of Bukavu


V-Day's 2007 Spotlight: Women In Conflict Zones

German Technical Cooperation

International Medical Corps

International Rescue Committee

Fondation Solidarite' des Homes (Foundation for Peoples' Solidarity)

Harvard Humanitarian Initiative

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