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Media Coverage

V-Day: the ultimate Mother’s Day present (Vital Voice Newspaper)

Originally published in:
Vital Voice

Daughters of Hope celebrating a rite of passage ceremony that solidifies a post-Katrina identity

By Joan Lipkin

Eve Ensler’s Spectacular Celebrates New Orleans Women

Originally published in:
Women's Media Center

by Regina Cornwell

Victory Over Violence -- For Women and Men (AlterNet)

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By Rob Okun, AlterNet

A Night to Remember (Times-Picayune)

Originally published in:
Times Picayune

For this slightly skeptical and nervous first-timer, 'The Vagina Monologues' performance Saturday night in the New Orleans Arena was a deeply moving celebration of solidar

What is HE doing here? (Times-Picayune)

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Outnumbered but unbowed, a man braves the 'Monologues'

By Doug MacCash
Art critic

The Vagina Monologues turns ten (Times of London)

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Times of London

Eve Ensler transformed the New Orleans Superdome into ‘Superlove' for a celebrity-studded event to campaign against violence towards women

Karen Bartlett

Time for Some Feminist Activism (Feministing)

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At the V to the 10th in New Orleans, activism is the word of the weekend.