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Body by Eve

Originally published in:
PLAYBACK:stl (St. Louis)

Brian Jarvis
“It’s what I call the heartbreaking campaign,” Ensler says, “because there is no end. We spend 40 billion a year on beauty products, and the only end is vanishing.”

Warrior of another kind

Originally published in:
East Standard, Nairobi, Kenya

Jayne Rose Gacheri

For more than a decade, Agnes Pareiyo has been traversing the expansive Maasai plains on foot with a dummy organ in her hand

V-Day Letter To The Editor Of The Michigan Daily

Originally published in:
The Michigan Daily (Ann Arbor, Michigan)

Dear Editor,

Eve Ensler on BBC-TV’s "Talking Point" program

Originally published in:

On Sunday, November 27, Eve Ensler appeared on BBC-TV’s “Talking Point” to talk about the recent World Health Organization (WHO) Multi-Country Study On Women’s Health and Domestic Violence aga

The Dignity Works

Originally published in:
Al-Ahram Weekly, Egypt

Fatemah Farag
How to assert a woman's right to a violence-free existence? Women activists from across the ideological spectrum met in Cairo to discuss this.

Malalai Joya elected to Afghan Parliament

Originally published in:
BBC Profile: Malalai Joya

Rape – a crime of power

Originally published in:
Phillippine News

Rodel Rodis

Afghan Poet is Killed

Originally published in:
International Herald Tribune

Carlotta Gall, The New York Times