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Hasfat's new war

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Funmi Johnson

It is the dream of every woman to be loved, pampered and respected. After all, honour they say begets honour.

South Korean former sex slaves renew calls for Japan to apologize

Originally published in:
Mainichi Daily News (Japan)

NEW YORK -- It was a moonlit night in the autumn of 1943 when Yong Soo Lee experienced the darkest moment of her life -- Japanese soldiers snatched her from her home in southeast South Korea.

At Religious Universities, Disputes Over Faith and Academic Freedom

Originally published in:
New York Times

Neela Banerjee

C'mon, guys, there's nothing to be afraid of

Originally published in:
The Salt Lake Tribune, Opinion

Peter Walters
Why are people afraid of "The Vagina Monologues"?

Body by Eve

Originally published in:
PLAYBACK:stl (St. Louis)

Brian Jarvis
“It’s what I call the heartbreaking campaign,” Ensler says, “because there is no end. We spend 40 billion a year on beauty products, and the only end is vanishing.”

Warrior of another kind

Originally published in:
East Standard, Nairobi, Kenya

Jayne Rose Gacheri

For more than a decade, Agnes Pareiyo has been traversing the expansive Maasai plains on foot with a dummy organ in her hand

V-Day Letter To The Editor Of The Michigan Daily

Originally published in:
The Michigan Daily (Ann Arbor, Michigan)

Dear Editor,

Eve Ensler on BBC-TV’s "Talking Point" program

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On Sunday, November 27, Eve Ensler appeared on BBC-TV’s “Talking Point” to talk about the recent World Health Organization (WHO) Multi-Country Study On Women’s Health and Domestic Violence aga

The Dignity Works

Originally published in:
Al-Ahram Weekly, Egypt

Fatemah Farag
How to assert a woman's right to a violence-free existence? Women activists from across the ideological spectrum met in Cairo to discuss this.