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V-Day Launches "V is for Vote" Campaign to Rally the Vagina Vote Towards Ending Violence Against Women and Girls


Two Centerpiece Events Announced:
"Vaginas Vote, Chicks Rock" September 13 At NYC’s Apollo Theater Featuring Eve Ensler, Jane Fonda, Rha Goddess, Julia Stiles, and more…

Juarez Slayings Report Finds Police Abuses

Originally published in:
El Paso Times

By Louie Gilot

V-Day Raises Record Amount to Benefit Groups Combating Violence Against Women

Originally published in:
UDaily (University of Delaware)

By Sue Moncure

Letter from Juárez

Originally published in:
The Nation

by Mariana Katzarova

When Caprice and Meera Get Together

Originally published in:
The New Statesman

by Karen Bartlett

Vagina Monologues Hits India Trouble

Originally published in:
BBC News

By Jayshree Bajoria

The women's stage production The Vagina Monologues has been banned from the southern Indian city of Madras.

V-Day in the City

Originally published in:
The Indian Express

by Priya Ramani

V for victory, V for Vagina

Originally published in:

By Udita Jhunjhunwala

Vagina Is Not a Dirty Word

Originally published in:

By Archana Masih