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V-Day on the Newstand This Week: People, Marie Claire, CosmoGirl, Lifetime magazine and More


See this week's PEOPLE magazine (February 16 issue) for a story on Eve, p. 119.

MARIE CLAIRE's March issue features Eve's piece on Juarez, "The City Of Murdered Women," p. 106

Lawmakers Speak Out For Women

Originally published in:
Albuquerque Journal

By Wren Propp

Whenever she spoke publicly about her own time as a domestic violence victim 27 years ago, former state lawmaker Patricia Trujillo Knauer felt the silence of her peers the most.

Panel: Women Can Enhance Safety by Voting

Originally published in:
The New Mexican

By Doug Mattson

Sundance Film Follows Play's Rise from Theater to Worldwide Movement

Originally published in:
The Salt Lake Tribune

By Vince Horiuchi

There was a time when Jane Fonda had trouble saying that "V" word.

Setting the Stage for Women: Return of 'The Vagina Monologues' Raises Funds to Help Women's Shelter

Originally published in:
Courrier and Press; Evansville, Indiana

By Michelle Brutlag, Courier & Press staff writer

This year, Steve Small can throw around words like "vagina" without pause - or blush.

Jane Fonda Visits Guatemala to Put Spotlight on Murders of Women in Guatemala


December 8, 2003
V-Day News alert

V-Day activist and V-Counsel member, Actress Jane Fonda visits Guatemala to put spotlight on murders of women in Guatemala

Concerns Spread Over Juarez Murders

Originally published in:
Associated Press

The Associated Press

V-Day Nairobi 2003 Event Saves a Shelter

Originally published in:
The East African Standard (Nairobi)

Home for Battered Women Re-Opened
June 24, 2003

This Is Most Fragile Time for Afghanistan

Originally published in:
Women's eNews

After her most recent trip to Afghanistan, playwright and women's activist Eve Ensler pleads for the U.S.

Reaching Out - Profile of Jerri Lynn Fields

Originally published in:
The Hawk Eye (Burlington Iowa)

It's a Tuesday in early April, and Jerri Lynn Fields is busy — really busy.