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Media Coverage

'Vagina Monologues' Goes to Mexico City

Originally published in:
Associated Press

By Lisa J. Adams

February 7, 2003, 4:27 PM EST, MEXICO CITY

American Playwright Supports Families of Women Killed in Juarez

Originally published in:
Assiociated Press

By Chris Roberts

Victim of "Railroad Killer" Calls Herself a Survivor

Originally published in:
Fox 7 News WTVW

By Melinda Roeder

"Intimate Portrait: Eve Ensler" Premieres as Part of Lifetime's "Stop Violence Against Women

Originally published in:
Lifetime Television

Celebrities Including Dylan McDermott, Calista Flockhart, Glenn Close, Jane Fonda and Rosie Perez Speak to Lifetime About Ensler's "V-Day" Movement

Jerusalem Post: Playwright Eve Ensler Is on a Mission to Raise Consciousness


By Eetta Prince Gibson

'I can't give an interview right now," Eve Ensler apologized as she collapsed in her hotel room last week. "I just had 32 orgasms in public."

Ha'aretz Daily: Jane Fonda and Eve Ensler in the Holy Land


Jane Fonda and Eve Ensler did not rest for a moment; they evinced courtesy and caring almost non-stop during their brief visit to Israel this weekend.

AP: News Brief from the V-Day Visit to Israel and Palestine


Jane Fonda visited Israelis wounded in suicide bomb attacks and met with Israeli peace activists Thursday.

Vagina's Ensler Knows She's Made a Difference

Originally published in:
San Francisco Chronicle

By Joshunda Sanders, Chronicle Staff Writer

Playwright in final engagement at Geary

Eve Ensler's Speech to The Commonwealth Club Available Online


On February 11, 2002, Eve Ensler spoke at the Commonwealth Club of California on the condition of women in Afghanistan, and the implications for women around the world.