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Boston Globe: "The Men Who Dared Are Pleased"


Females flock to 'Vagina,' but other half finds
illumination, too

By Joan Anderman, Globe Staff

They were there.

The Brave. The Few. The men in the audience at ''The Vagina

Boston Globe: 'Vagina' Has Hope, Humor


By Maureen Dezell, Globe Staff

Eve Ensler interviewed 200 women for "The Vagina Monologues."

"If your vagina got dressed, what would it wear?"

Boston Herald: "V is for, um, well, victory; `Monologues' brings pleasure to many"


by Terry Byrne
Eve Ensler is just back from Bulgaria.

"Bulgaria," she says from her home in New York. "Can you

Earth Times: "Benefit Highlights Plight of Women"


By LUCY KOMISAR, © Earth Times News Service

What Women Really Want for V-Day

Originally published in:
The Gazette, Medina County, Ohio

By Craig Williams from The Gazette (in Medina County, Ohio)
February 15, 2001

NY Newsday: "V-Day Spreads the Word"


By Linda Winer, Staff Writer

Unpublished Interviews with the Celebrities at V-Day 2001 (at Madison Square Garden)


Interviews conducted by Molly Kawachi

Calista Flockhart
MK: Why did you first get involved with V-Day?

V-Day Website Chosen as Site of the Month by WIN Magazine


The V-Day website has been chosen as the February site of the month by WIN Magazine (Women's International Net).

WIN is an international online magazine for women. "The Well-Dressed (and Chatty) Celebrity Pudendum"


By Amy Reiter

Calista Flockhart, Brooke Shields and Claire Danes discuss vagina fashion!

NY Newsday


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By Patrick Pacheco