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Media Coverage

Earth Times: "Benefit Highlights Plight of Women"


By LUCY KOMISAR, © Earth Times News Service

What Women Really Want for V-Day

Originally published in:
The Gazette, Medina County, Ohio

By Craig Williams from The Gazette (in Medina County, Ohio)
February 15, 2001

NY Newsday: "V-Day Spreads the Word"


By Linda Winer, Staff Writer

Unpublished Interviews with the Celebrities at V-Day 2001 (at Madison Square Garden)


Interviews conducted by Molly Kawachi

Calista Flockhart
MK: Why did you first get involved with V-Day?

V-Day Website Chosen as Site of the Month by WIN Magazine


The V-Day website has been chosen as the February site of the month by WIN Magazine (Women's International Net).

WIN is an international online magazine for women. "The Well-Dressed (and Chatty) Celebrity Pudendum"


By Amy Reiter

Calista Flockhart, Brooke Shields and Claire Danes discuss vagina fashion!

NY Newsday


FLASH! The latest entertainment news and more . . .
By Patrick Pacheco

NY Daily News "Jane Fonda Staging a Return to Acting"


by Mitchell Fink
Jane Fonda's decade-long hiatus from acting is about to end.

NY Post


By Liz Smith "Multiple Orgasms on Stage"


By Sharon M Tan

Three barefoot women in black, perched on bar stools and having multiple orgasms - that's what The Vagina Monologues at Jubilee Hall promised and delivered.