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Press Releases

Afghan Women's Summit Defines the Path for Human Rights and Democracy


Education, Healthcare, Women's Rights, Refugees, and Culture :
Women Define The Priorities in Brussels Proclamation:

Officials from the European Union, United Nations And Women's

V-Day Named One of America's Best 100 Charities


The December issue of Worth Magazine contains the results of six months of research on the charitable organizations in the United States.

V-Day Announces Afghan Women's Summit for Democracy


From the table at Bonn to the summit in Brussels, Afghan women lead the way:

Fifty Afghan women leaders to gather at historical Afghan women's summit in Brussels December 4-6:

Help V-Day Stop Violence Against Women With Your Purchase of Karen Neuburger Pajamas


V-Day Partners With Karen Neuburger to Stop Violence Against Women and Girls Around The World

V-Day, Susan Celia Swan,, (212) 445-3288

V-Day Announces Grassroots and Global Plans for V-Day 2002


Contact: Susan Celia Swan,, (212) 445-3288

HBO Original Documentary of "The Vagina Monologues", Featuring Eve Ensler, Debuts February 14 - Valentine's Day

Overview of V-Day 2002 Campaigns


Each year, V-Day supports new campaigns, initiatives and special projects to help in the fight to stop all violence against women and girls worldwide.

Help Stop Rape! V-Day "Stop Rape Contest" Launches on U.S. College Campuses



Contact: Susan Celia Swan,
, (212) 445-3288

VICTORY BULLETIN: Mexican Lawmakers Toughen Rape Law


Three dozen Mexican women's groups won a major victory last Tuesday when the Chihuahua state legislature reversed a law that would have shortened sentences for rapists judged to have been provoked by

Enter the International V-Day Stop Rape Contest


To find out how you can enter the 2002 international Stop Rape Contest and help stop rape in your community, please click here.