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Stop Raping Our Greatest Resource, Power to Women and Girls of DRC

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A NEW unique opportunity to be a part of the groundbreaking City of Joy project in Bukavu, DRC. Visit the online gift registry and provide a bed, education, and more for women survivors as they become leaders! Help Create the City of Joy >

Conflict Minerals And Their Connection To Sexual Violence In The DRC

The DRC is ranked among the six most resource rich countries in the world. Minerals mined in the DRC like coltan, cassiterite and wolframite, fuel the digital world and are found in our mobile phones, pagers, PlayStations laptops, nuclear reactors, and other electronic devices. Mostly mined under the control of armed groups, they generate substantial income through illegal trading and taxation, and support arms trafficking. A vicious cycle of violence—rape and torture—is used to clear villages, secure compliance of workers and villagers, and pillage the mines.
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Women Left for Dead -- and the Man Who’s Saving Them

V-Day Founder Eve Ensler (The Vagina Monologues) launched "Stop Raping Our Greatest Resource, Power To The Women And Girls Of The Democratic Republic Of Congo" in Glamour Magazine. Click here to read the article.