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Gillian Schutte: "This is not about women playing dance. It's about revolution."


#reasontorise from One Billion Rising South Africa coordinator Gillian Schutte!"

Dance is used in protest in many parts of the world. In South Africa for example, dance and song has always been intrinsic to protesting for human rights and is often led by women.

Dance denotes a freedom of body, mind and soul. It is both a celebratory and rebellious act in that it speaks of a freedom of movement, a non-restricted relationship to body and is the antithesis of an oppressed, restrained and violated body. It is essentially non-patriarchal and it rebels against patriarchal control over the female body.

It is erroneous to think of celebration as non-revolutionary. Celebration is the ultimate rebellious act in a world that is dictated to us by non-celebratory forces.

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