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V-Day Safe Houses

Across the globe, in some of the most underserved areas, V-Day partners with local activists to transform the lives of girls and women at risk of violence through safe houses., community centers where survivors can develop their innate leadership, be safe, heal, and learn. Despite the political and social contexts in which women and girls may live, the safe houses provide a path to overcoming social barriers that otherwise keep them unsafe.

Currently, V-Day has safe houses in:

HAITI: Fort Liberte, Cap Haitien & Port de Paix
In partnership with AFASDA (Association Femmes Soleil d’Haiti) and activist Elvire Eugene, V-Day is providing support for three safe houses (each with their own legal justice centers) in Fort Liberte, Cap Haitien and Port de Paix Haiti. These safe houses are meeting a critical need as Haiti continues to rebuild its society since the devastating 2010 earthquake.

For more information on V-Day’s Haiti work, visit:

KENYA: Narok And Sakutiek
The safe houses in Narok Tasaru Ntomonok and Sakutiek are run by V-Day Kenya Director Agnes Pareyio. Both provide shelter, education, and alternative rite of passage ceremonies to over 100 girls fleeing Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). Girls served at the safe house are each provided with schooling – either local or boarding school. The staff at the houses also works with parents and community members to sensitize them to the harms of early child marriage, FGM and preventing girls from being educated. The safe houses have become model centers for communities across Masailand.

UNITED STATES: Yankton Sioux Reservation
The V-Day Safe House Transitional Housing has provided housing for women and children transitioning from the shelter to independence. Over the past year, eight families have had a safe place to live as they change their lives rather than return to violent environments. ‘Greening’ the housing units was a priority, with the community rallying to assist in adding solar panels to the units, which will reduce heating costs. An organic garden was planted, and has provided the Transitional Housing residents and their Cultural Preservation Project with fresh vegetables and an opportunity for families to cultivate the garden and build community through the process.

Beginning in 2004, V-Day began the process to build the City of Joy, a leadership community for survivors of gender violence envisioned by and for women. The City of Joy provides survivors a place to emotionally recover through psychotherapy, while also providing programming in human rights, activism, economic literacy, group therapy, storytelling, dance, theater, self-defense, comprehensive sexuality education and ecology. The first class of women began in June 2011. Visit for more information on City of Joy.

In years past, V-Day has also helped to run safe houses in Egypt, Iraq, and Pakistan.