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STATEMENT AGAINST: A Statement Made by the Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting of Uganda

by James Nsaba Buturo

A statement made by the Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting to journalists at the weekly press briefing held at Nakasero on Thursday, February 10, 2005.


  • Corruption of Morals
  • Insurgency in Northern Uganda
  • Road Map


As a country, corruption of our morals is continuing apace. The corrosive threat posed by individuals who care little about our society but themselves and their backers outside Uganda is one of the greatest challenges of our time.

Contrary to press reports, Government has not yet considered banning the film that has been infamously as well as indecently titled: Vagina Monologue. The title of the film in question is, undoubtedly, both indecent and tasteless. The author of the film is a known lesbian who lives with another lesbian. She worships the female sexual organ seeing it as her god! One wonders whether the film's backers in Uganda know all this about the author! Probably, they do.

It is deeply ironical that the title of the film hardly accurately represents its contents. The contents of the film are about highlighting the plight of women, the injustices that are meted on women at the hands of male chauvinists. In other wise, the film is a case of a badly packaged but otherwise good message

A society which promotes injustices of the kind that many women suffer from is backward. The Movement Government will support every effort to create a society whereby all, regardless of gender, are equal. It will support activities that aim to raise awareness of the social, economic and political costs of violence against women. However , it will not support use of crude as well as vulgar methods such as unedifying language to achieve otherwise honourable objectives.

On why the Ugandan backers support the title of the film, they claim that in order shock society about the injustices that women suffer, it is appropriate to come up with a shocking title! This is to be deplored. In this connection, Government appeals to civil society organizations not to stoop low in their search for financial support from individuals, foreign organizations and governments that have resources and an agenda that promotes values that are a threat to our country.

This film, regardless of its assumed objectives, is part of the global agenda to undermine the moral foundations of countries that cherish their moral values. Slowly, but surely, the moral foundations of our country are being eroded and worst of all, by our own people who, knowingly or unknowingly, act as agents or collaborators with external interests that have little interest is our society.

Ugandans must not sell their soul in the name of soliciting for funds. In this connection, local organisations must never abandon our values in exchange for handouts from better funded individuals or groups. This is why the decision by the Church of Uganda to reject aid which was tied to their accepting to embrace homosexuality has to be commended as a great relief and a pointer of our country's resolve not to pander to other countries, values if the same are inimical to ours.