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Guidelines for 'Until the Violence Stops'

Most Important:

  • Under NO circumstances may any group present a V-Day production of any kind without being part of the 2009 V-Day Campaign and without explicit permission from one of the Directors of the Campaign EACH AND EVERY SEASON.
  • The rights to Until The Violence Stops are available FOR FREE to V-Day Campaign participants provided that the project's guidelines are strictly adhered to, but you must purchase your copy of the documentary which is available through our online store.
  • You may do a maximum of 3 screenings of UTVS. There are NO exceptions to this rule.
  • You will receive an email putting you in touch with any existing organizers of other events in your area when you are approved as well as each time a new applicant is approved. We require that ALL organizers to work together to coordinate their events, promotion, fundraising, etc. If you have any issues at all connecting with the organizers we ask you to be in touch with, please let us know. It is crucial that all V-Day events in each community be presented as cohesively as possible.
  • Organizer Requirements:

  • Only one (1) person can be the organizer for each event. One person can organize more than one event, but there can be only one official contact for each. If there are several events in one community that are being organized by more than one person, you will be required to work together to coordinate and support each other’s events.
  • You must have an active e-mail address that you can be reached at throughout the course of the Campaign that you are willing to let V-Day use publicly to promote your event.
  • Within your specific event, we ask that you focus your outreach to that of the group you are affiliating with. Within a college or high school we ask that students be involved in all aspects of your production and the event be primarily student-run, student-acted and student-directed.
  • Strive for diversity. Reach out, not only to people of both sexes, but also to people of all backgrounds and ethnicities. V-Day is about inclusion and community, about bringing people together to achieve its goals. Please incorporate this objective into your production.
  • V-Day requires that you involve every single person who seeks to be involved, whether in the cast, crew or production team.
  • Performance Dates:

  • Your event/s must take place between February 1 and April 30, 2009.
  • You can present a screening of “Until The Violence Stops” any time during V-Season (February 1- April 30) as your primary V-Day Campaign event or as part of a complimenting series surrounding another main event (TVM, MMRP, AOOU, WIW)
  • Money:

  • You must sell tickets to your V-Day events. Admission to your event via suggested contribution or donation is not permitted without also selling tickets. The only exception is if your school does not allow you to sell tickets or your community cannot afford it. Remember, we are trying to raise awareness and money to stop violence against women and girls.
  • Please donate 10% of the net profits from ALL fundraising efforts from your events to V-Day for the V-Day 2009 Spotlight: Women of Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • Keep production costs to a minimum. We are very proud that V-Day spends 6% on administrative and overhead expenses and 94% of the funds we raise go toward our programs and awards to organizations around the world that are fighting violence against women. We hope you will strive to do the same.
  • There is NO CHARGE to host a V-Day Campaign.
  • Event Venue:

  • Your venue must coincide with the event identity you have chosen. If you are a college student or administrator and have signed up as such, your event must take place on a college campus. If you are a community member, your event must be in a community space and if you are a high school student or administrator, your event must take place in a high school. If for any reason you need to switch during the campaign year, please just let us know at campaign at vday dot org.
  • Beneficiary:

  • While there are many important women’s issues in need of attention, you must focus your choice on groups preventing and ending VIOLENCE against women and girls ONLY (birthing centers, breast cancer and other health related issues would not be appropriate choices). Full details are available under the ‘beneficiaries’ tab on the V-Spot.
  • Publicity:

  • In promoting and publicizing your V-Day event, you must adhere to the "Identity Guidelines" and other publicity guidelines included at the V-Spot under the "Press, & Publicity" tab.
  • We are not able to permit filming of any kind for any of the events outside of a 3 minute limit for publicity related to the event. (see "Press & Publicity" tab of the V-Spot for full details)
  • Event Title:

  • The correct name and spelling of Until the Violence Stops, spelled exactly this way.
  • With so many event options this year, it is crucial that we be consistent with the title of each event. When your school, organization or group identifies itself on any written and digital material, your name should read:
    A V-Day Benefit Screening of Until the Violence Stops: (plus your city or school).’
    For example:
    A V-Day Benefit Screening of Until the Violence Stops: Providence
  • Follow-Up Reports:

  • You are REQUIRED to fill out an online Follow-up Report within 30 days of completion of your V-Day Campaign production. While we understand delays, we have a very strict policy that you MUST complete a follow up report or you will not be approved to organize an event again in the future. Please just be in touch if you are experiencing delays. Do not just leave your follow-up report blank! This part is CRUCIAL to the success of the V-Day Campaign each year. We use the information you report back to determine the victories of each year so without them we are unable to have accurate numbers!

    Failure to adhere to these rules will result in V-Day's rescinding permission for you to present a V-Day event.