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About V Is for Vote

Read the V-Proclamation
V Is For Vote is a grassroots voting campaign created with and by thousands of local V-Day activists and individuals in the U.S. V-Day activists will mobilize register and get out the vote efforts anchored around their V-Day 2004 events and activities. V-Day is outreaching to the Presidential candidates urging them to make Violence Against Women a central issue of their campaign platforms, not a sideline or "women's" issue. Ultimately, V-Day will mobilize its activism into political power through V Is For Vote as V-Day supporters “Vote to End Violence.”

V-Day is a non-partisan, 501 (c)(3) organization and we do not align ourselves with any particular political party or candidates.

Through Election Day - Tuesday, November 2, 2004, “V Is For Vote” will build on three fronts:


Voter Registration: Visit www.vday.org/vote/register to register online with registration forms and how to’s , courtesy of Rock The Vote. You can also download and print out registration forms and instructions at www.vday.org/vote/register.

Visit a V Is For Vote booth at your local V-Day event, student center, or in your community to register hands-on. To find the V-Day event near you, visit vday.org/events.


Knowledge is Power: Learn what the candidates are saying about Violence Against Women. V-Day is approaching the leading candidates for President in 2004 for their views. Also, you will be able to read essays and information on Violence Against Women as a political issue and on human security.

Create your own V-Posse: Gather ten friends, neighbors, colleagues, or fellow students, eligible voters – register, educate and get each other to the polls! Have each person create her or his own posse and spread the word exponentially! Sign up here .

Become a Local Leader: Run for local office and make women’s safety a priority in your community.


Speak Your Mind-Why Vote?: This site will also provide interactive opportunities for you to sound your own voice and learn from others about Violence Against Women as a political issue.

Spread The Word: Plaster V Is For Vote messages throughout your campus and community: “Value Your Vagina –Vote!” stickers are soon to be available online. Create your own signs and slogans urging your eligible voters to Vote!

Women & Power : On Monday, September 13, the closing night of the Omega and V-Day Women and Power Conference in NYC, V-Day's "V is For Vote" and Rock the Vote's "Chicks Rock, Chicks Vote" in conjunction with Omega and The White House Project's "Vote, Run, Lead" are joining to produce THE event of the 2004 Election season. Actors, singers, rappers, dancers, thinkers and leaders will all come together at the historic Apollo Theater in Harlem for a night of entertainment and political empowerment. This event takes place less than two months before the presidential election and we are using the power of arts and activism to motivate and inspire all women, especially young women to raise their voices and get out the vote.

Get Your V-Posses To The Polls: Rally everyone you know and come out in droves on Election Day 2004 to change the world. Every vote makes a difference, let your voices be heard!

To contact us, email: vote@vday.org