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The Kitchen Cabinet

The V-Day Indian Country Project is supported by the Kitchen Cabinet, a non-traditional advisory board. The wisdom of these women will help guide and direct our work.

Kitchen Cabinet members include

Tantoo Cardinal - Native American actress who has appeared in critically acclaimed films including "Dances With Wolves" and "Smoke Signals," among many others.

Tillie Black Bear - Founding member of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Black Bear also helped form the South Dakota Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, recipient of the Eleanor Roosevelt Award.

Peggy Bird - Currently a private consultant working with Clan Star, Inc., the technical assistance provider for the tribal coalitions, and former Director of DNA's Native American Family Violence Prevention Project.

Sarah Deer - Staff Attorney for the Tribal Law & Policy Institute in West Hollywood, California, also worked for DOJ for several years as the Director of the STOP GRANTS and VAWA money with the tribes.

Eileen Hudon - Currently working in Minnesota on domestic violence and sexual assault issues, Hudon was formerly the director of Songidee Biimadaziwin, a sexual assault program at the Minnesota Indian Women's Resource Center in Minneapolis.