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V-Day Supports the Voices of Iranian Women


Since the Iranian election results were announced and the pro-democracy demonstrations began, women have been making their voices heard at the forefront of the battle. V-Day supports these brave women as they daily risk their lives for equality and peace. We encourage V-Day activists everywhere to stay informed about the actions being taken by women on the ground:

Some recent new reports -

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It's Hard to Debate Feminism When You're Dodging Bullets (Huffington Post) 06/25/09

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'Courageous' women front Iran's resistance (Toronto Star) 06/24/09

Iranian women stand up in defiance, flout rules (CNN) 06/23/09

Neda’s Death Highlights Women’s Role in Iran Protests (Bloomberg) 06/23/09

Letters of support from women of the Iranian Diaspora –

Shiva Rose: “It is excruciating to be so removed from my sisters in Iran right now…”

Sussana Deyhim: “In this crucial historical moment of demand for change in Iran…”

Iran: Myths and Realities by Azar Majedi