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Sussana Deyhim: “In this Crucial historical moment of demand for change in Iran…”

In this Crucial historical moment of demand for change in Iran I, as many other Iranian women believe we need to revisit the possibility of an Iran that separates the state and the church as this marriage has given birth to atrocities of unacceptable proportions since the Islamic republic of Iran came to power. Needless to say people from all religions through out history have witnessed the catastrophic consequences of the marriage of the state and church. And women have always been among the most abused, suppressed, mistreated victims of the blind fate of orthodoxy. We have certainly seen the consequences of this religious ideology in the USA during the Republican era of the last 8 years.

I am an Iranian women artist in exile for the 30 years. I am a vocalist and composer. I am not allowed to perform in public in my own country. The voices of all my genius female compatriots have been mercilessly suppressed for three generations. None the less these women have continued to keep their musical tradition and faith in music alive underground and you can be sure as you watch the news unfold on television and on the web that these women are in the front lines.

Clerics leave our politics, your ideology is obsolete. The Iranian Diaspora has had many noble spiritual teachers during our history and you are not among them. Certainly the fascism with which you have reigned our county has brought shame to Islam and Iran. Your version of Islam will be relegated to the dust bin of history, we are illuminated Muslims and we know better.

The organizations below do not necessarily share my point of view in this but they are very respected and active women's rights organizations and have done amazing work inside and outside Iran. Please visit these sites and spread the word.

Iranian women outside of Iran are proud of courage. We are here and working with you, for you and humbled by your burning passion for change and for a long awaited democracy in our brilliant county.

Winner of Simon de Beauvoire award (1 million campaign site )

Sussana Deyhim

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