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Christine Schuler Deschryver

Democratic Republic of Congo
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In 2000, after witnessing the rape and murder of her best friend, and after an infant died in her arms, Christine Schuler Deschryver decided to devote her life to alerting the world to the femicide and massive rape against women and children in DRC. This year she was honored in DRC and in Geneva for her human rights work, and has been featured in a film by the well-known French journalist, Patrick Forestier. Christine is currently assisting the V-Day and UNICEF Campaign “Stop Raping Our Greatest Resource, Power To The Women And Girls Of The Democratic Republic Of Congo,” and is overseeing the work being done on the ground to create City of Joy, a refuge for healed women, survivors of rape and torture who have been left without family and community. For more information on the Campaign and City of Joy please visit