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Tantoo Cardinal Statement for #IdleNoMore International Day of Action!

On Monday, October 7, Idle No More, is holding an international day of action, 250 years to the day following the signing of the British Royal Proclamation that legally mandated Canada to recognize Indigenous land rights. Idle No More is calling “on all peoples to raise (y)our voices and take action in support of:-- Our Land -- Our Water -- Our Bodies -- Our Stories -- Our Future -- Indigenous Sovereignty!”

Global Day of Action Oct 7/13

A day to continue turning it all around.

Grandmother Earth does not look at party affiliation, shares, title, or bank account.
She hears your heart, soul, mind, body - each thought and inspiration is a vote.

We are gathering as one, all over the planet on October 7
with loving action to support the good health and happiness of our existence
for ourselves, our relations.

Some say water is the milk of Grandmother Earth. I submit that water is the taste of the soul of Her. Water is her Love for us
All of us

As we pray for our Land and Water

She prays for us

The 4 leggeds pray for us
the winged ones pray for us
creatures of the waters pray for us
those of the soil pray for us
the trees pray for us
medicines pray for us

for our awakening

We are the ones doing the damage
We are the carcinogen creating imbalance and havoc.
Our relations pray for our awakening

While we pray for the negativity to be tied up and dismantled,
and all that is used to destroy our sustenance be taken apart
so it can't be used again,
that our relations children , their grandchildren
and those yet unborn be allowed to live in the peace and harmony meant for us.

In gratefulness to your warrior self
Your are the action of our prayers

We stand in solidarity, in combined prayer and action on October 7

We take back the day and the night
as we resist the notion that
raping Grandmother Earth is the only way to live

Bring on Solar Energy
Bring on Wind Energy
Bring on Clean water
Bring on a healthy relationship with all Our Relations
and the gifts of life placed here for all of us.

Go to www.idlenomore/events to find events going on in your area

In Toronto, Ontario, Canada we will be
having a
Nation to Nation
Unity in Action Parade
& Potluck picnic
at Trinity Bellwoods Park
@ 5pm

Be there, or be square..