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African American Policy Forum to Host "Afro-Colombian Women: Resistance at the Intersection of Racism, Sexism and War" Webinar for Her Dream Deferred 2017 Series


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Don't miss the chance to attend an incredible event hosted by our longtime partner organization African American Policy Forum, helmed by V-Day Board Member Kimberlé Crenshaw:

Over the past two years of Her Dream Deferred, AAPF has sought to uplift challenges Black women and girls have suffered in silence--from the status of Black women veterans to sexual assaults at HBCUs. Yet Black women all around the world face challenges that extend beyond the United States: it is imperative to take an intersectional approach abroad.

Inspired by the work of our Fellow, Sara Ferrer-Valencia, whom we worked with in conjunction with One Billion Rising at our Bodies of Revolution event on intersectional state violence around the world in December 2015, this year, we elevate Afro-Colombian women, raising awareness around the consequences of civil war, displacement, and colonialism.

Featuring Afro-Colombian women from different backgrounds and experiences, this webinar will discuss topics such as intersectional discrimination, different facets of intersectional violence in contexts of war and widespread violence and governmental response, and the Afro-Colombian women's movement. Furthermore, the conversation will explore similarities between the distinct forms of violence affecting Afro-descendant women in Colombia and the United States, as well as other countries with alarming rates of violence against Black and Afro-descendant women, such as South Africa and Brazil.

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Moderated by Sara Ferrer Valencia - Research Fellow at AAPF & CISPS; Afro-Colombian lawyer & human rights advocate & Featuring María Alejandra Cárdenas Cerón - Lawyer and human rights advocate; Danny María Ramírez Torres - Sociologist, Co-Founder of the Faces & Footprints Foundation in Buenaventura; Clara Inés Valdes Rivera - National Conference of Afro-Colombian Organizations, Gender Equality and Afro-Colombian Women's Rights, and Dora Inés Vivanco Julio - Psychologist & Coordinator of the Childhood and Youth Area from the National Conference of Afro-Colombian Organizations (CNOA)

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