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Through One Billion Rising, activists worldwide have mobilized, engaged, awakened and joined people across the planet to end violence against women and girls. We have made violence against women a global issue, not relegated to country or tribe or class or religion.

We are living in a time of upheaval and transformation. Together we have been rising to free all women from sexual and physical violence in its more overt and obvious forms: rape, battery, incest, sexual harassment, female genital mutilation, sexual slavery and trafficking, child marriage, femicide, sexual-gender and reproductive oppression and violence towards LGBTQIA+ communities. And, we have had many victories.

As we come into our 7th year of One Billion Rising, we are faced with bigger challenges. To end violence against women, we must commit ourselves to a deeper examination of violence in all its forms. Along with sexual and physical violence, we must also look at systemic violence in economic, political, socio-cultural, environmental and ideological spheres. As we continue to Rise to end violence against women – it is imperative now for us to expand our understanding of women’s oppression and exploitation in the context of capitalism, colonization, racism, imperialism, environmental plunder and war. We have been compartmentalized and divided for too long. Our Rising must now connect our specific oppression to the common universal humanity that binds us all. This is no less than a way of life, a way of seeing, a way of being in the world. It is not one day that we rise, but every day that this consciousness must rise in all we do.

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Watch the Film, Host a House Party or Screening & Spread the Word

Whether you are new to City of Joy and V-Day or have been with us in the movement since its inception, know that you are joining a network of activists who will be viewing the film and hosting screenings and house parties around the world to celebrate the work of City of Joy, honoring the women leaders of the Congo and the 1100 women who have graduated from the City of Joy, joining together in a network of love and revolution, Turning Pain to Power.

HOST a Screening/House Party
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Men Rising is an initiative that grew out of so many men around the world responding to the call to end violence against women and girls - and with the global recognition that violence against women can only be addressed by engaging men as well. Rising events in the last two years involved men and boys on such an unprecedented scale - with men committing to doing everything in their power to be part of the solution. Men organized, gathered, and mobilized other men:

  • to join the struggle to put an end to violence against women and girls
  • to encourage men to stop the abuse and to speak up about the rights of women and girls
  • to treat women with respect, dignity and equality
  • to commit to bringing attention to the rights of women
  • to stand and rise for justice and dignity for all women
  • to rise against all forms of patriarchy
  • to fight for social justice for women and girls
  • One Billion Rising for Justice saw groundbreaking revolutionary initiatives led and organized by men, serving as an inspiration for men around the world to be part of the radical shift in consciousness on how women and girls are treated and seen. This year Men Rising will continue as a dynamic and essential part of the global call to revolution.

    As more and more young men engage in activism to end violence against women and girls, our V-Girls campaign has begun to transition to a more inclusive campaign housed within One Billion Rising - YouthRising. Please visit YouthRising to find out more.

    V-Day's legacy on college campuses has contributed to what is now a widespread dialogue about reforming sexual assault policies on college campuses. For 17 years activists have highlighted violence against women and girls, in all its forms, in communities around the world. Now, as part of One Billion Rising, it is time for those at colleges and universities to turn your attention inward and examine and expose campus injustices with our Campus Rising campaign.

    Rise for revolution at YOUR College on or around 14 February 2015, and devote your school year to bringing about tangible change on your campus! Please visit CampusRising to download a toolkit and find out more.

    EMOTIONAL CREATURE (performance)
    Available year-round
    This script is available for a fee through arrangement with Dramatists Play Service.

    THE GOOD BODY (performance)
    Available year-round
    This script is available for a fee through arrangement with Dramatists Play Service.

    UNTIL THE VIOLENCE STOPS (film screening)
    Available year-round

    The film is available for direct purchase.

    WHAT I WANT MY WORDS TO DO TO YOU (film screening)
    Available year-round
    The film is available for direct purchase.