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Haiti, New Orleans and Congo

Photo: Paula Allen

To understand Haiti today, it is important to understand Haiti's past. Like other areas of the world V-Day has focused its work on, such as the Congo and New Orleans, Haiti's story is one that is punctuated by both struggle and revolution. Mired in a thick legacy of slavery, colonialism, foreign occupation, economic exploitation, political turmoil, and environmental catastrophe, the Haitian people have endured, despite great odds. The connections between New Orleans and Congo and that of Haiti - all three places where the desecration of indigenous inhabitants and the horrors of the African slave trade have bent the story towards death and injustice - are not lost on V-Day. Having devoted ourselves to New Orleans and Congo through past campaigns between 2007 and today, we feel strongly that we must mobilize our network to recognize the shared histories and common realities of all of these places. There is something fitting, then, about focusing on Haiti at this moment in V-Day's work, as it was slaves, many from Congo, who were brought to its shores, and to those of New Orleans.

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