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Taking the Lead from Women on the Ground

Photo: Paula Allen

As a first step in planning the campaign, in July 2010, V-Day supported a two-day gathering of 67 leaders and survivors. Lawyers and women's activists representing 30 grassroots organizations from across Haiti came together to discuss what needed to be done to address gender-based-violence in post-earthquake Haiti.

The meeting was coordinated by longtime V-Day activist Elvire Eugene, who is connected to many local partners and national networks working on women's issues in Haiti and is well suited to lead critical work on the ground. Judie C. Roy, a former presidential candidate and prominent activist, was also in attendance, as well as members of the Women's Ministry. During the meeting, a Task Force was formed to see the group's work through to completion. Members chose Elvire Eugene, Judie C. Roy and activist Marie Gislhene Mompremier to lead the Task Force.

The Task Force's research with 1,000 survivors found that survivors of psychological, economic, physical and sexual violence in Haiti faced many hardships - teenage pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, economic struggle, stigma and marginalization. Only 32% of survivors surveyed had attempted legal action to seek justice for the crimes perpetrated against them. Because psychosocial and legal support is most often out of reach to poor women due to price and availability, a four-pronged approach was developed to serve them and, when asked for our support, V-Day wholeheartedly pledged it.

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