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Rada Boric

Rada Boric is program director at the Center for Women’s Studies in Zagreb, Croatia. She was, during the war(s) and conflicts in the Balkans, program coordinator at the Center for Women War Victims in Croatia.

She is regional coordinator for V-Day – global movement against violence against women and organized and supported V-Day events in Croatia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Finland.

She co-produced V Day 2008 Zagreb-Belgrade-Sarajevo Vagina triangle.
Rada is lecturer on feminist issues (e.g. gender, nationalism & war), and a spokesperson for women’s human rights and empowerment internationally. She is co-director of postgraduate course on Transnational Feminist Perspective in IUC Dubrovnik and a writer of numerous texts on feminist issues.

She co-edited the book The Suitcase: Refugee Voices from Bosnia and Croatia and Women and the Politics of Peace.

Rada Boric is currently working at European Women Lobby in Brussels as consultant on violence against women issues.