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V-Day Launches 2003 Worldwide and College Campaigns. Sign Up Today to Bring V-Day to Your Community!


We are happy to announce that we are now accepting applications to organize
events for V-Day 2003. You can bring V-Day to your community, your college, or your university!

Click here to sign up to organize a V-Day event.

Every year V-Day events take place at hundreds of locations around the
world. They take place in churches, town halls, theaters and arenas. These
events are organized by local college students and local volunteers --
people just like you.

You can make a difference for your community by organizing a V-Day event.
Last year local Worldwide and College Campaign organizers raised over
$3,000,000. We have even bigger goals this year, and you can help us
reach them!

Organizing a V-Day event can be a life changing experience. As one 2002
college organizer put it,

We had our performance last Saturday, and it was AMAZING. People are
still talking! I wish we had done more, but we had no idea what a great
response we would get! This experience was been one of the most wonderful
ones of my life. To see my community respond whole-heartedly to this
cause is incredible!

V-Day events feature a benefit performance of "The Vagina Monologues." The
money raised stays in your local community, supporting organizations that
stop violence against women and girls. "The Vagina Monologues" playwright,
V-Day Founder Eve Ensler, waives fees to V-Day benefit presenters of the

Bring V-Day to your community. Sign up today.