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Three Winners of Worldwide Stop-Rape Contest Announced


Sixty finalists of V-Day's Stop-Rape Contest traveled to New York from all around the world to attend the Gathering to End Violence summit on February 10, 2001.

The 60 finalists were selected by a team of eleven regional coordinators - all activists around the world working to stop violence in their communities.

Entries to the contest were received from: Uganda, Eritrea, Sudan, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Uruguay, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Indonesia, Malawi, Canada, Ghana, The Gambia, Rwanda, Cameroon, Senegal, France, Finland, Belgium, Spain, Croatia, Kazakstan, Palestine, Egypt, Tunisia, Bosnia, Mongolia, Russia, Belgium, Kenya, Costa Rica, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Jordan, Australia, Philippines, India and the U.S.

In an all-day judging match at the Gathering to End Violence, the 60 finalists presented the action plans they developed in their countries for preventing violence.
For example, a 14-year-old finalist from Guatemala proposed a 12-step program to work with sexual offenders. She has been developing the program since she was 7 years old, when her older sister was raped.
Three winners were chosen by the close of the Gathering Summit and their action plans will be funded by the V-Day Fund in 2001 and put into development in their community of origin.

The three winners are:

  • Jennifer Jadwero (Kenya): This 13-year-old's idea is to start anti-rape Youth Groups in junior high schools.
  • Silke Pillinger and Karin Heisecke (Germany): Their idea is to print an anti-rape slogan on bread and pastry wrappings in addition to local rape crisis centers' info. This idea is the most region centered idea since the anti-rape slogan is a play of words in German and also Western and Central Europe are regions that have an extensive bread/pastry consumption directly from neighborhood bakeries.
  • Regine Bandler (Brazil): Her idea utilizes street/community theater to change public opinion on violence against women.
  • (The V-Day Stop-Rape Contest was coordinated with the help of
    Equality Now.)