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VPERU, A Week Long Celebration To Take Place In Lima November 22 - 28


V-Day is proud to announce that VPerú will take place November 22 - 28 in the city of Lima. VPerú is a week long celebration of the importance of women that will reveal the strength and the courage of Peruvian women and girls, showcasing their talents and qualities through theatre, dance, workshops, art and seminars.

This event is just the beginning - VPerú is becoming a movement radiating its message of valor and equal rights at a national level, with the intention of founding an event backed by the foundation Mujer(es) Hermosa(s) [Beautiful Women] in order to assure all survivors of rape and gender violence the attention and opportunities necessary to move forward and thrive.

VPerú has created a special television spot. Translations available for English, French, Italian and German. WATCH here >

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