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VPeru International Women's Day: We Are All Women!


In November 2010, VPerú, an incredible week of events, took place in Lima. Organized by V-Day activist Vanessa Oniboni and a dedicated team of local activists, VPerú was a huge success, igniting the V-Day movement in Perú. On March 8th, 2011, VPerú picked up where it left off with an incredible International Women's Day march through the streets of Lima. Following is an update from VPerú Director Vanessa Oniboni:

Working in collaboration with Women Organizations in Peru (Colectivo Canto a la Vida) and Lima's Municipality, VPerú painted the city of Lima pink once more! This time, we celebrated International Women's Day and kicked off our 2011 V-Calendar. VPerú activists wearing V-T-shirts and giving out flowers participated in the march with happiness and pride, showing the importance of committing to end violence against women and girls in the world.

By celebrating the strength of women and spreading V-Day's message, we transformed the idea that this march is only for women: this mobilization is for everyone who believes in a free world with equal opportunities and rights. The march ended up with an emotional speech from the Mayor of Lima, Susana Villaran, an offering to the earth by the Collective of Campesinas (local peasant women) and a series of concerts by renowned women singers and bands.

Many of the activists were there for the first time and this important march received significantly more media coverage than years before. As many of VPerú activists and volunteers stated, it was a very special day and the energy of the people who were there marching, committed to the cause, could be felt everywhere.

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