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V-Day Stands With the People of Japan


As reports come in about the devastating earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear crisis in Japan, V-Day would like to take this moment to let the people of Japan know: our thoughts are with you during these difficult times. As we receive more information in the upcoming days about the short and long term effects this disaster will have, we will update you on how best we can come together to assist relief efforts and groups working with women and girls affected by violence.

In the meantime, aid is needed on the ground urgently. Please consider helping out if you can:

JEN (Japan Emergency NGOs) puts their efforts into restoring a self-supporting livelihood both economically and mentally to those people who have been stricken with hardship due to conflicts and disasters. They utilize local human and material resources, considering this the most promising way to revitalize a society.
To donate, visit:

Second Harvest Japan distributes food to soup kitchens, orphanages, emergency shelters, the elderly, single mothers, the homeless, migrant workers, and many others in need.
To donate, visit:

Peace Winds Japan (PWJ) is an organization dedicated to the support of people in distress, threatened by conflict, poverty, or other turmoil. The U.S. partner for Peace Winds Japan is Mercy Corps, and the two organizations previously collaborated after hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.
To donate, visit: