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Activist to Climb World's Highest in Support of Women in the Democratic Republic of Congo


On April 1st, climber and activist Georgina Miranda began her trek to the Mount Everest Basecamp as part of her campaign "Climb Take Action," which is raising funds and awareness around the epidemic of rape in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Miranda's Everest climb marks the sixth mountain on her quest to scale all seven of the highest summits in each continent. Only 13 women in the United States a total of 37 globally have climbed the seven summits, and Los Angeles native Miranda hopes to reach new heights of her own and join this elite group of women, while also raising awareness about the issue of violence against women and girls in the DRC. Funds raised through her climb will benefit V-Day and International Medical Corps.

"I embarked on this journey three years ago not only to fulfill my personal dream to climb the seven summits in the world, but also to bring awareness to the harsh conditions and realities women experience daily in DRC," says Miranda. "These women inspire me to climb and to take action and I hope that my work will also inspire others to help the people of DRC."


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