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NEW VIDEOS From Our V-Girls Reporters!


V-Girls Action Team member Coco Kimelman shares why V-Girls and I Am an Emotional Creature are meaningful to her. How can the book be used as a tool to empower girls? "The book is connection to me," says Coco. "No matter how different we are, there's a connection of emotions." When asked how she is an emotional creature, Coco shares, "I'm bold and ready to take action." Coco was interviewed by her fellow V-Girls Action Team member Olivia Oguma at the Hudson Union Society in New York City.

Follow all of our girl reporters on the V-Girls blog, and check out Coco's blog post "I Will Dance to Find Myself" here. You can join Eve Ensler and V-Girls on the Emotional Creature tour in Chicago, Illinois on April 10. Stay tuned for more videos and tour updates!

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