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NEW! V-Girls kicks off "Dialogue with Daughters" blog series


In tribute to mothers, grandmothers, and caregivers, the new V-Girls blog will feature a very special "Dialogue with Daughters" series. This blog series will include articles and video blogs by our V-Girls Action Team members and guest bloggers beginning today, Friday, May 6 in honor of Mother's Day and will continue through the month of May. Our bloggers will explore and celebrate the relationships between girls and the women who raise and care for them. Catch a sneak peak below, and follow the V-Girls blog all month at

"I love being a girl, because I am the daughter of a teen mother who never gave up. I love being a young woman because my mom taught me to stand tall, because my grandma taught her to do the same. I love being a daughter because it keeps me grounded and humble."
- Audri Roybal, V-Girls Action Team Member

"Daughtering is about growing, often with shaky steps; it's about empowered action and taking the reins in my own life. I think that Daughtering is about having new insights into old patterns of relating, starting with my relationship with my mom and extending to my relationships with my dad, my grandma, my friends and my world. Daughtering is claiming my vision."
- Eliza Reynolds, Guest Blogger

"When I say, 'I am turning into my mother', I mean I am turning into my hero: elegant, intelligent, generous, kind, strong, loving, funny and beautiful. I can only hope to be half the woman you are. The best compliment is when someone tells me I am just like you."
- Molly Houlahan, V-Girls Action Team Member