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V-Girls Action Team Gathers in New York City


The V-Girls Action Team, a dynamic team of girl activists from around the world, gathered in New York City to envision and plan the next phase of the V-Girls movement. Team members convened from South Africa, France, Israel, Peru, New Mexico, Maine, Arizona, California, South Dakota, and Washington, DC and met with Eve to share their thoughts, dreams, and ideas to connect and empower girls globally and inspire activism for the next generation of V-Leaders. Mai Shbeta, V-Girls Action Team Member from Israel, shared, "I was told not to cry. I want women to be able to express themselves: what they want, what they hate, and what they love. There is no 'in five years.' There's only now." The V-Girls Action Team also planned and led an open workshop with Eve Ensler for teen girls in the New York City area at the Brooklyn High School for the Arts.

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