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V-Girls South Africa Hold "Refuser" March in Johannesburg


On October 22, V-Girls South Africa took to the streets in Johannesburg in the first ever "Refuser" March. V-Girls South Africa leaders Mbali Khumalo, Busi Mkumbuzi, and Samu Khumalo Madonsela led a team of girl activists to plan the event, galvanize their friends, publicize the event, and ensure people got to the event, which necessitated organizing free bus rides for girls all over Johannesburg to join the march. The leaders shared, "The march is about saying enough, I have had enough. We are going to be singing, chanting, we are going to be girls. We are refusers!" Hundreds of girls marched in home-made "Eco/Emo" recycled short skirts emblazoned with the declaration "MINE". The Refuser March was envisioned and organized by girls, for girls to uplift and empower young people and sound a call to action with their message, "When one girls suffers, we all suffer."

WATCH - Refuser March South Africa (Footage by Tony Stroebel) >