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NEW Designs Available! Give A Holiday V-Card!


V-Day is offering two designs for this year's Holiday V-Cards. A V-Card supports the worldwide movement to end violence against women and girls and is the perfect gift for the Holidays!

Make a donation to V-Day on behalf of your friends and loved ones. V-Day will send a specially designed 2011 holiday V-Card letting them know of their unique gift.

The V-Gift will be used to address the most critical issues of violence against women and girls around the world.

Click Here To Give This Gift >

To send a V-Card on the donate page*, check the box next to "Donate on behalf of a loved one?" labeled "Yes, I would like to send a V-Day e-card" and fill in the rest of the information to finish designing your gift.

*December 31st is the last day to make charitable donations in order to claim them on your 2011 tax return. 86 cents of every dollar you give goes straight to ending violence against women and girls.