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Declaration of the First V-Africa Summit: Africa Rising

The Declaration of the First V-Africa Summit: Africa Rising represented by 18 African Countries and Observers from the Diaspora held in Nairobi, Kenya from the 27th – 30th August 2012

Having deliberated and reflected on the situation of violence on the continent which is ravaged by war, conflict and political instability resulting to gross violation of women’s Human rights

Condemn such atrocities and abuses of Women’s vaginas in such situations

Considering the various existing conventions, resolutions and protocols to protect women and girl children from violence and discrimination,

Noted that most of these agreements are in place, we have come to observe that despite their existence violence continues to be perpetuated against women and girls

Realizing that war has changed from chemical weapons and women’s bodies are arena of war and used as weapons of conflicts and a strategy used by the State to perpetuate abuse and violence against women and girls in Africa.

Observed that the vagina, is the focus for discrimination in education, access to medical care, sexual abuse such as rape, FGM, Child and forced marriage, and women seen as second class citizens.

And sexual abuse (rape) has resulted to increase in HIV and AIDS and other STIs

Also recognized that as a result of war, conflict and political instability women have been displaced with their children resulting in the destruction of the social fabric of human existence impacting on women negatively and undermining the bodily dignity and integrity of women

Resulting to marginalizing women from leadership and decision making positions because of the fear of the vagina

The impacts of these violations resulted to the physical, mental, social and economic abuse of women and girls and render them powerless and vulnerable to abuse.

Worried about the vagina and the systematic abuses and violations of it by state, men and institutions

We the Participants of V-Africa Summit: Africa Rising -

Have come to consensus that by the end of 2020

Demand the following Actions;

Our Governments/States

All African Governments to ratify and respect all the existing Human Rights Protocols they have signed and to also sign and ratify the additional protocols coming from such conventions

Ensure the effective Implementation of these conventions and harmonization of them in our local laws

To recognize the dignity of women as persons with diversity across the Continent

That any abuse of women in war, conflict situation or political instability be criminalized and the perpetrators to face the justice system

Women victims of war and conflict be protected and children born out of such sexual abuse (rape) be fully recognized by the State and society, and appropriate mechanisms be in place to promote their effective existence and development in society

That Women, must not be victimized or abused by the state because of their ability to take on political leadership at all levels of decision making

To Women

To call on Women to support their fellow women and be in solidarity with each other inrder to change the oppressive situation

To empower women to defend their rights

Other Actors

Calling on Women’s Rights Organisations, Civil Society Organisations, and other relevant institutions to engage in effective advocacy and lobbying to advance the protection of the vagina and in order to restore the dignity of the woman

Appealing to various institutions to support One Billion Rising against Violence Against Women and join the movement to raise their voices, resources and condemn the atrocities directed at the Vagina all over the Continent of Africa.

We ask the world to love, cherish and honour the vagina the cradle of humankind

Subscribed to by All the Participants from the African Continent

On this 30th Day of August 2012

Safari Park Hotel

Nairobi, Kenya