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Rise for the Raise TOMORROW: Storm Twitter with Your #NotOnTheMenu Stories


"If you're a woman living off tips, you're practically guaranteed to deal with sexual harassment. We're tired of being told to accept it as 'just part of the job.' We are tired of feeling like standing up for ourselves means putting our jobs on the line. We're tired of letting this giant industry get away with paying women a subminimum wage and showing them their worth should be linked to enduring harassment from customers, co-workers and managers. Enough is enough.

" - Saru Jayaraman and the ROC United Team

As part of the Rise for the Raise initiative, we made a commitment to take part in a joint action with ROC United, who are fighting for One Fair Wage, on the 14th of every month between October and 14 February. In October, we protested widespread sexual harassment in the restaurant industry by rallying in NYC and several cities across the country.

This month, on 14 November, One Billion Rising, V-Day, ROC United, Hollaback!, National Organization for Women, Equal Rights Advocates, other leading women's rights organizations and individuals are storming twitter with stories of sexual harassment in the restaurant industry using #NotOnTheMenu and we urge you to JOIN US! Share a story or show your solidarity by tweeting: I stand with workers protesting sexual harassment in the restaurant industry by sharing their stories with #NotOnTheMenu.

There is power in sharing stories so that everyone knows what workers in this industry are dealing with and what we're fighting for. Join us on Twitter tomorrow anytime with #NotOnTheMenu.