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Organization For Women's Freedom In Iraq Calls For Boycott of Referendum

Originally published in:
The Organization for Women's Freedom in Iraq

We call all women and freedom-lovers in Iraq to
They Deceive Iraqis into Voting Yes for:
A Constitution of Forcing Misogyny and Launching Civil War

Iraqi people will witness on 15-10-05 a new chapter of forced American "Democracy" which aims at manipulating the masses to vote "Yes" for the most dangerous constitution that undermines both the integrity of Iraqi society and women’s civil rights.

The occupation continues to promote for the imposed "democratic" scenario in between their military campaign of mass-killings in Iraqi cities, terrorizing families and children to turn them homeless and helpless. Meanwhile, the political forces which thrived under the occupation tend to deceive the people in their publicity campaigns over the well paid media screens by promising them peace and an end to terrorism if they all vote "Yes" for the constitution. Simultaneously, the clergy support the scenario by encouraging the "yes" vote in their public well-timed announcements.

How is a religious constitution democratic if it denies women the civil and social rights given to men? a constitution which deprives women from equality in matters of marriage and divorce? a constitution that sets the male’s permission as a condition for women’s work and education? Furthermore, a constitution of legalizing the marriage of female children – which is called rape in the civilized world, a constitution which does not recognize the Convention of Ending Discrimination Against Women because it contradicts a doctrine written fifteen hundred years ago. Are they serious at getting the votes of the female majority to laws of their own enslavement and degradation?

Our "No" vote is best represented through boycotting the referendum!
They push us in an endless dark abyss by tearing the Iraqi society apart into nationalist, ethnic, religious and sectarian parts. Furthermore, they are determined to designate ethnic IDs to areas, work places, institutions, legislative and executive assemblies, and moreover to the army, in order to reward legal status to the armed militias of the war lords of the civil war that has already broken out.

This constitution is merely digging landmines that explode and threaten with civil war in a society which is known to be civilized and has no history of falling into pitfalls of ethnic and sectarian bigotry.

We call all women and freedom-lovers in Iraq to boycott the referendum as there is no hope that this farce of "Democracy" at gun point will not have fraud results. Do not believe the lies and deceptions about the "people’s contribution to their constitution". You need to know that the mere fact of stepping into the referendum poll centers means that you have hope in this process to be expressing people’s free will!

Women in Iraq do not have hopes for freedom and equality as long as the occupation stays and forces a religious and nationalist government on us. A struggle is needed to realize the bright and free life which we deserve – a life unachievable before driving out the occupation and sweeping the religious and nationalist political groups that have stood historically against the aspirations of women and the working class.

No to a constitution of women’s discrimination! We will advance our struggle towards full equality among women and men in a civilized, secular and egalitarian society.