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Amy Lombardo

Amy Lombardo is a nationally certified Yoga Instructor, Empowerment Life Coach, Wellness Counselor, and founder of her own consulting and teaching practice, True Nature Wellness. Amy has completed hundreds of training hours in yoga, Tai Chi, kinetic awareness, reiki, guided imagery, empowerment and leadership, and mindfulness-based stress reduction. Amy regularly brings her work outside the studio, teaching workshops and retreats internationally in nursing homes, day care centers, schools, and private residences. As a Co-Founder of Karma Krew, Amy hopes to create karma yoga opportunities for others that are authentic to the tradition from which they came but also relevant to the concerns of today's world. Amy currently oversees the NYC chapter of Karma Krew, organizing monthly volunteer outings of yoga students to such places as soup kitchens, nursing homes, inner city schools, and local parks.

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