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SUPERLOVE: Yoga Lounge

Come stop by the Yoga Lounge for a place to heal, restore, relax, and renew. Friendly experienced teachers from Karma Krew will guide you through gentle beginner-friendly yoga classes, either on mats or in chairs, and meditation and breathing exercises designed to help you cultivate a calmness and sense of wellness deep from within. 50 minute group classes are happening every hour on the hour and one-on-one stress reduction, breathing, and yoga consultation stations are open all day Friday and Saturday from 10:30 to 5:00. Anyone looking for some guidance on how to unwind, rest, and receive is encouraged to stop by and pamper themselves with guided relaxation; gentle poses and breathing that release tightness and stress; and experience a rejuvenation of energy from the inside out. Absolutely no previous experience is needed. Everyone is welcome to come share, heal, experience, rest, and release. Together, we’ll stretch our bodies and minds on our way to better health and healing.

Yoga Nidra and Deep Relaxation: Can happen in a chair or on a mat, but most preferably on a mat. Yoga Nidra describes a state of deep relaxation, know as “yogic sleep.” Participants will be guided through very gentle stretching and breathing that helps them facilitate this space of deep rest for extended periods of time. More gentle than “Gentle mat classes.” Good for burnt-out or highly stressed individuals.

Breathing and Meditation: An exploration of healing through breath and meditation is the focus here. Various techniques will be explored and explained to help one access the realm beyond thoughts and emotions and teach one to experience the potential to heal from within. No previous experience necessary to gain insight from these classes designed to help us tap into our greatest inner resource.

Gentle Mat Class: User-friendly more traditional style yoga classes on a mat for people who feel comfortable getting down on their back. Focus on breathing, opening, and restoration through movement. Very gentle focus.

Chair Yoga: For those not used to the mat, very beneficial chair yoga postures can be performed to facilitate the yogic experience. A safe, grounding, and nurturing experience, this type of class respects people’s needs to honor their pace in the embodiment process, and lets them gently enter the realm of connecting body and breath through movement. Many first timers will resonate with this user-friendly entryway in to these powerful practices. Participants will take the class while seated in folding chairs.

We’ll also have one-on-one stations in the following subject areas:

  • Breathing Techniques (for stress reduction, asthma, healing, etc.)
  • Asana and Stretching Techniques for specific body injuries (yoga therapy for certain parts of the body)
  • Yoga Techniques for Stress Reduction (breathing, meditation, deep relaxation, etc.)

On Friday from 2:45 to 3:45, Colleen Saidman will lead a yoga class.

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