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April 11 - 12, 2008 Louisiana Superdome

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Katrina exposed what was going on in New Orleans and the Gulf South: the lack of resources, the lack of care for its poor in general and its women in particular. There are so many reasons to have V to the 10th in New Orleans, from the vanishing wetlands to the man-made levee failures that flooded the city to the abandonment and complete neglect of human beings. Violence against women was committed physically, economically and environmentally. We need to celebrate New Orleans, cherish it, protect it, just as we do our vaginas, and make sure it goes on and on. We are showing up for the Katrina Warriors, the women of New Orleans and Gulf South who have kept their communities alive with devotion, hard work, sacrifice, humor and wit.

Join us for two days of revolutionary conversations, slam poets, singers, performers, storytelling, astounding art, and love (free massage, support groups, yoga, massage, meditation, makeovers and more!). We will reclaim the Superdome and transform it into SUPERLOVE!


Speakers, revolutionary conversations, slam poets, singers, performers on stage.

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The Red Tent
Storytelling, curated by Anne-Liese Juge Fox of NOLA Playback Theater and endowed by Barbara Bridges.

**The design of the Red Tent story circle events are based on the Story Circle Process as developed by New Orleans-based Junebug Productions and Playback Theatre. Please allow 80 minutes for the story circle in your V-Day schedule. In order to protect the integrity of the circle, once a story circle event has begun, no one will be admitted into the tent until it concludes.

The Red Tent
The Red Tent installation is created by Paulette Cole of ABC Carpet and Home. The installation is designed as a sacred space and sanctuary for women to center themselves and connect in community.

The L Word – Your Stories
Ilene Chaiken, V-Board member and Creator of the The L Word, and Jennifer Beals from the The L-Word will join the Red Tent on both days to lead a storytelling circle about LGBTQ stories at approximately 4 PM.

Rebecca Hoffberger
An altar honoring those who were lost in the flood made by local artists

A diverse global art installation by curator Rebecca Hoffberger of the American Visionary Art Museum

Oprah & Friends Radio - Interviewing attendees, stars and more

HerDelight Marketplace featuring arts and crafts, jewelry, and more by local artistans located on the Gate C Bridge


One of the reasons of doing SUPERLOVE is to give to the women of New Orleans a moment of relief, love, and much-needed nurturing for all they have carried since the flood. Volunteers from across the country will be coming to New Orleans to donate two days of free yoga, massage, healing circles, medical testing, referrals and medical information, all exclusively to the women of New Orleans and the Gulf South. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE.

open to all women and girls from gulf south

Healing Circles
Our goal is to provide local women from across the Gulf Region mental health support free of charge. Learn More >

Medical Testing, Information and Referrals
Local medical health practitioners, as well as medical volunteers from outside the area, will also be providing medical testing, information and referrals. Learn More >

open to all women and girls

Come stop by the Yoga Lounge for a place to heal, restore, relax, and renew. Friendly experienced teachers from Karma Krew will guide you through gentle beginner-friendly yoga classes. Learn more >

open to all women and girls from gulf south

Rodney Yee, Colleen Saidman, Jamie Naughright and Donna Karan of the Urban Zen Foundation, with an army of volunteer massage therapists from across the country and Kris Carr, Founder of Crazy Sexy Life wellness community and Terri Cole, Founder of Healthy Bodies Healthy Lives, will provide:

  • One-on-one sessions in breath awareness, restorative yoga poses, and meditation
  • Massage therapy (Neuromuscular, MyoFascial, Reflexology, Sports Massage, Reiki, Active Isolated Stretching, & Healing Touch)
  • Aromatherapy
  • Other wellness opportunities

BEAUTY LOUNGE BY AUTHENTIC BEAUTY AND MAGNET, open to all women and girls from gulf south

The Beauty Lounge By Authentic Beauty and Magnet will provide free 15 minute mini-makeovers (either hair or make-up) to the women of New Orleans and the Gulf South. An exciting all-volunteer staff of some of today’s most high profile make-up artists and hair stylists will be on hand to pamper and indulge local women with the attention they have long deserved.

ACTIVIST LOUNGE, open to all men and women

V-Day activists from around the world will gather in the Activist Lounge, where people will share information, strategize and meet, often for the very first time. V-Day will bring activists from over 30 countries, including Afghanistan, Congo, Iraq, Guatemala, Philippines, Kenya, and Mexico. With photography by Paula Allen.


All of the presentations and performances that will take place for two days at SUPERLOVE are offerings—of information, heart, talent, good will. We invite you to benefit from these opportunities to nurture yourself and your curiosity. While the main stage events will not be interactive (there will be no Q&A) we do invite you to the Activist Lounge and the Red Tent, where you can meet and interact with other V-Day activists.


Friday, April 11 >>
Saturday, April 12 >>
subject to change

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