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Karen-Kaia Livers

The life experience
The audience
The performance
These are not the sum of MY CAREER
But the sum total of the ELEMENTS
That culminates SYMBOLICALLY into that which is not only my LIFE,
But justifies and validates my EXISTENCE*****. Karen-kaia Livers

Karen-kaia Livers is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana. For the past 30 years, she's worked on stage, in films, radio, and documentaries. Karen's acting credits are extensive beginning with her training at the legendary New Orleans Center for Creative Arts. In 1996 she became a recipient of the Louisiana Division of the Arts, Theater Fellowship. She spent 23 years with the Alliance for Community Theaters, Inc. Where she assitied theater practictioners with arts administration, creative management, and techinical assistance. As an actress, critics have recognized her talent with great reviews from every show she's performed in, directed or produced. Her recent work includes an upcoming performance in "Swimming Up Stream," directed by Broadway director, Kenny Leon. Kaia also appears in a recurring role in the t.v. series "K-Ville." She is the Casting Director for Elite Casting & Talent Management and is the Louisiana Casting Director for the upcoming Spike Lee film, "Miracle at St. Anna." She is currently consultant and company manager of the Pennsylvania Past Players .

She has been associated and an integral part in numerous annual events and organizations: Junebug Productions, The Alliance for Community Theaters, Inc., New Orleans Black Theater Festival, Louisiana Living History Co., N.O. Jazz & Heritage Festival, Young Audiences, Southern Arts Federation, the Chakula Cha Jua Theater Co., Amistad Research Center, the Urban Arts Training Program, the Kuji Center, and the Windybrow Performing Arts Festival in Johannesburg, South Africa, to name a few.

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